Parents attending the Open House in September will hear from their child's teacher about the overall curriculum in the classroom and academic expectations for their child.  

In December, parents also will meet with their child's teacher for a personal assessment of their child's academic and social-emotional development.

Parents can meet one on one with their child's teacher at any time during the academic year with a simple request.

Three times a year, teachers use the DIBELS assessment (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) to screen children in the classroom, which helps to plot a course for each child that increases learning and growth.  The assessment is also used to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions.   These assessments are one minute measures taken at a single point in time, three times an academic year.

A parent, teacher or other professional may refer a student for special education evaluation at any time by contacting the school's principal or administrator of special education.

Over the summer, a few children at the West Zone Early Learning Center may attend Summer Early Focus, an academic and enrichment program.  Some students are invited, while some students must attend.