Thanks for coming to the West Zone Early Learning Center website.  Our school is one of several public schools dedicated to early childhood education in the city.  They are the Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy, the East Boston Early Education Center, the Ellison/Parks Early Education School, the Haynes Early Education Center, and our school, the West Zone Early Learning Center.  The academic gains of pre-kindergarteners in the BPS system are the largest of any large-scale public school system in the nation.

If you have general inquiries, visit the pre-kindergarten and kindergarten pages on the Boston Public Schools website.   

If you have questions about registration, the lottery, and enrollment, contact a BPS Welcome Center.    Want to know what schools are on your list?   Visit the Discover BPS website.

Parents of children entering K0, K1, or K2 should visit the Countdown to Kindergarten website.   The West Zone Early Learning Center hosts a weekly playgroup for parents pf children currently not enrolled in BPS through the Countdown to Kindergarten program.

Parents are provided with a BPS Handbook each year at the start of the academic year.  Here is the 2015-2016 version:  BPS Handbook

If you have a concern, bring it to your child's teacher and principal, first.  Parents have rights, which are listed here.   Parents of children with special needs have rights listed here. BPS has an ombudsperson for parents.

If you are trying to find your child on a school bus running late, visit Where's My School Bus? You will need your student's unique ID number to enter this site.