To go big, we focus on the 'whole child.'


The West Zone Early Learning Center is a school in the Boston Public School system exclusively focused on early childhood education during a time that the children undergo rapid brain development.  We educate children from ages 3 (K0) to 7 (Grade 1).  Our school is co-located in the Hennigan building on Heath Street, in Jamaica Plain. 

We offer a small class size, an extended day program, and classroom teaching teams that ensure full child participation.  We address children's comprehensive needs, rather than focus on narrowly defined academic achievement, and we do it child by child.  This is called educating the 'whole child' and it sets our kids up for long term success in all facets of their lives.




Recess twice a day?  Yes!  Find out more about the West Zone Early Learning Center's program for children ages 3 - 7.

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What is Surround Care at the West Zone Early Learning Center and how does it impact the children?

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